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Fascinating Socket Write Behaviour

07 Aug 2014

A user (wow, I have a user!) reported several bugs, but the coolest was that dumbwallet would freeze talking to pettycoin. Indeed, strace revealed that after a successful poll() write() on a socket was taking 90 seconds! You can see the gory details in the ccan commit. Without O_NONBLOCK it doesn’t do the complete write, but it doesn’t return without blocking either. I didn’t expect O_NONBLOCK to make a difference on a ready socket.

I couldn’t find anything in Google, so I’m placing it here to remedy that.

Side note: the reason I didn’t find it sooner is that until recently io_connect() code was making the socket async to do asynchronous connect(), then by typo, calling fcntl(fd, F_SETFD,...) instead of F_SETFL which didn’t restore blocking.